INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY proposes philosophical collections through encounters and affinities.

Collections "Il était une fois… ma maison"Il était une fois… ma maison : Interior Design Philosophy offers an interactive site that extends the reading of his eponymous book. You can tell and share your story on the forum!

bougies-philosophiques-173Philosophical candles: a collection of fragrant reflections… Some of the benefits are donated to Save the Children, which fights against illiteracy in the world among other things.

Livres-philosophiques-173Philosophical books: a collection of electronic art books, available on iBooks. All sales go to Save the Children, which is fighting against illiteracy around the world.

image-galerie-philosophiqueThe philosophical gallery: Interior Design Philosophy offers a gallery of contemporary art to discover artists brought together under the theme of writing and poetry.

image-tapis-philosophiquePhilosophical rugs: a collection that pays tribute to different cultures and calligraphies … Part of the profits goes to Save the Children, which fights among other things against illiteracy in the world.

Chartreuse, un espace dédié à l’art contemporainchARTreuse: a space devoted to contemporary art which, from time to time, opens the doors of the cloister of the Chartreuse de La Lance to host exhibitions.

” Tout bonheur est poésie essentiellement, et poésie veut dire action ; l’on n’aime guère un bonheur qui vous tombe ; on veut l’avoir fait. […] Imaginez-vous un collectionneur qui n’aurait pas fait sa collection ? ”